Worldwide Outlet Park

Mitsui Outlet Park Brand Concept

Making access to well-established international and local brands easier than ever
We strive to make shopping for international and local brands easier than ever by offering trustworthy products of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Providing a wide variety of stores to spread the joy of shopping
Mitsui Outlet Park is home to a wide array of different stores that encompass both international and domestic brands, some of which are stepping into local market for the first time. We provide the ideal environment for a fresh and enjoyable shopping experience brimming with new encounters.

Offering the joy of getting to know the local culture and its flavor
Shoppers will experience a great touch of local culture, taste the characteristic flavors of the area and enjoy interacting with the locals in Mitsui Outlet Park. Resulting in an extraordinary experience that will make shoppers feel as if you were on a sightseeing trip.

Welcoming shoppers with the Japanese spirit of hospitality called 'OMOTENASHI' and with clean and safe environment
We welcome shoppers with the utmost hospitality that Japan takes pride in. We strive to maintain our facilities clean and secure for your stress-free shopping experience.

Unforgettable and exciting shopping experiences through all above factors.
Through these factors above, we provide an exciting and unforgettable shopping experiences that will not be found anywhere else

What is Outlet Park?

Outlet firstly appeared in America. It began with the Factory Outlet opened by some branded clothing factories to sell leftover stocks from orders. The concept of having genuine goods offered at low price indeed attracted lots of customers.

After some time, this Factory Outlet concept became popular. Many brands started to have their respective stores set up under one roof and attract customers with the concept of offering genuine goods at low price. Gradually, these Factory Outlets evolved into the recreation-cum-shopping megamalls comprising a variety of shops that sell brands off-season products, shelf pulls and products short in size.

Outlets offer genuine goods at super low price as compared to specialty stores, Due to this, most people wonder if the these goods are genuine or not. In fact, a real outlet operates based on Factory Outlet concept. You can determine whether or not an Outlet is authentic based on the following features:

1. Helps brands get closer to end consumers
Top brands seldom launch discount or promotion campaigns in specialty stores in order to protect the brand’s image. Therefore, to get closer to end consumers, they provide discounts in Outlets, where everyone can afford genuine branded goods from various countries.

2. Located at areas far away from city
Usually, Outlet will be located at areas faraway from city. Developers will build up their own megamalls, restaurants, car parks and etcetera so as to minimise the operation costs.

3. Direct goods supply from manufacturers or dealers.
Conventional shopping malls usually incur rather high running cost. However, for Outlets, this cost can be reduced to minimum because all goods are directly supplied by manufacturers or dealers.

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Nowadays, purchase through Outlets has become popular in America, Europe and Japan. By offering a comfortable shopping environment, large variety of world’s top brands at extremely low price, Outlets certainly are the best shopping, gourmet and entertainment destinations for everyone.